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  • 02/24/17- 4 Things You Need to Know About Personal Injury Before You Leave for Vacation
    Posted by Christopher Fischer of
    Anytime of the year is a good time to take an international vacation. Whether traveling to Europe, the Caribbean, or another exotic destination, travelers should be prepared for the unexpected – included becoming ill or sustaining an injury while away from home... More
  • 02/19/17- Natural Oils & Carrier Oils - Plant Guru
    Posted by Victoria Tan of Natural Oils & Carrier Oils - Plant Guru
    Shop The Plant Guru's quality organic selection of pure essential oils, butters, soaps, natural oils, carrier oils, waxes, incense, and more. Since the beginning, The Plant Guru has aimed to bring high quality, natural beauty products into your life... More
  • 01/28/17- All-Natural Ways to Identify Your Food Allergies and Eliminate Them
    Posted by Erica Montes of
    Living with food allergies can be cumbersome. You have to be extra cautious, every time you go out to eat... More
  • 01/21/17- When is it time to transition to Hospice Care
    Posted by EGAN Healthcare of EGAN Home Health and Hospice
    When is the right time for Hospice? One of the biggest decisions the terminally ill and their families have to make is when to accept a terminal diagnosis and switch from curative treatment measures to hospice and palliative care. When a person stricken with a disease is given a medical prognosis of being terminally ill with at or about six months left to live provided the disease runs its normal course, it's time to transition from attempting to treat and cure the illness or ailment to a service more focused on relief of symptoms, and the mental and spiritual health of the patient and his or her loved ones. An obvious caveat to thisis that no additional curative treatment will either cure the disease or increase life expectancy by any meaningful degree. Many times, the treatments to the diseases that kill people are not only extremely painful and uncomfortable, they're also physically and emotionally draining, and take up precious time that could be spent comfortably by the patient doing something he or she enjoys with the people he or she loves. When treatments are no longer working, and the alternative is to be comfortable at home with the people the patient loves, then it's time for hospice. There are many important differences between curative treatment, hospice and palliative care... More
  • 01/16/17- Three Important Aspects of Misdiagnosis of Cancer That You Need to Know
    Posted by Rachel Oliver of
    Cancer misdiagnosis is more common than we assume. Several skilled doctors can and do make errors in diagnosis, even with state-of-the-art equipment and reasonable care... More
  • 01/13/17- How a Military Discharge Upgrade Can Improve VA Benefits
    Posted by Donald Gordon of
    Not everyone leaves the United States military with a glowing record. It can be easy for veterans to find that they have no qualified retirement or wellness benefits, as a result of being discharged from service in less than honorable situations... More
  • 01/11/17- Skin Care and Aesthetic Medicine - Covington, LA
    Posted by Pamela Egan of Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic
    EGAN Wellness Clinic Welcomes New Aesthetics / Skin Care Specialist EGAN Wellness Clinic & Med Spa is proud to introduce Marissa Maestri, a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Holistic Health Coach with more than twenty years of experience to the Skin Care & Med Spa. Ms. Maestri will be offering a multitude of skin care, aesthetic and anti-aging products and services. The following services are now available at the Skin Care & Med Spa at EGAN Wellness Clinic in Covington, Louisiana: Complimentary Skin Care Consultations 30-60-90 Minute Facials Customized facials Sweedish Massage during facial Chemical Peels (Using VI Peel) Venus Freeze Microdermabrasion Microneedling / Collagen PIN Eye/lash Tinting Bio Energizer 30 minute relaxing detox treatment. Skin Care and Anti-Aging products now available at EGAN Wellness include the following: Nelly Deveyst Europeon skin care line exclusive to EGAN Wellness Clinic and Med Spa... More
  • 01/10/17- Colorado Drug Laws: How Drug Possession Charges Can Change Your Life Forever
    Posted by Christian Schwaner of
    If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, specifically with drug offense charges, the first step is to understand that a conviction can have a negative impact on the rest of your life. Apart from the more obvious consequences such as going to jail, being convicted for a drug offense will affect many areas of your life in other ways... More
  • 01/04/17- Louisiana Home Health Agency Showing That Quality Matters
    Posted by Pamela Egan of Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic
    Southeast Louisiana Home Health Care Company Excels at Providing Quality Care For years, the United States federal government has been comparatively rating home health care agencies on the basis of quality-of-care. While this information is published online and available for anyone who wishes to look at it, the unfortunate reality is that the overwhelming majority of decisions regarding which home health agency provides care to a given patient are made by doctors, case managers and/or discharge planners who aren't necessarily as invested in the patient's recovery as is the patient and his or her family, and in some cases may even have motives unrelated to the quality of care the patient will receive when deciding which agency to recommend for a given patient. While the general consensus is that this is likely to change over the next few years as reimbursement models shift more towards what is being termed within the industry as "bundling", the fact is that for most of the past three decades and even to an extent still today, a home care agency sees very little difference to their bottom line regardless of whether they provide exemplary care or a very poor standard of care. However, this has not deterred at least one home health agency in southeast Louisiana that has long prided itself on its quality-of-care from providing a standard of care that is so far above the state and nationwide averages in the categories measured by Medicare's "Home Health Compare" it's uncanny and almost hard to believe. EGAN Home Health and Hospice, which was founded in 1988 with a mission to provide the very best in patient care appears to have made good on their founding promise... More
  • 11/29/16- How to Maintain Healthy Teeth as You Age
    Posted by Carrie Cook
    As the years march on, you might find yourself looking less and less like yourself. Skin can start to wrinkle and your gait might show the signs of old injuries, but there is one part of your body that you can keep looking young and beautiful at any age: your smile... More


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